WU says goodbye to WunderPhotos - FAQ

In 2002, we launched WunderPhotos to create a place where people like you could share amazing photos of weather across the globe. Over the years, you’ve formed an amazing community, one that we’re immensely grateful for. As we increase our focus on developing new products and improving our forecasts, we can no longer properly maintain WunderPhotos.

On February 28, 2017, we will remove the interactive features from WunderPhotos on the website and within our mobile apps – meaning uploading, commenting and sharing photos will no longer be available. We know that your photos are important, so any photos you’ve uploaded will remain available to download until June 30, 2017.

With your passion for photography in mind and the abundance of photo sharing platforms available, we would like to suggest Instagram as an alternative community platform. Instagram’s robust features are easily accessible via desktop or your mobile device. You can easily view, search, like and share each other’s photos using the established WunderPhoto community hashtag (#WunderPhotos). Uploading photos using this hashtag will also allow us to continue to promote your incredible photos within our extended social media communities.

We’ve created this FAQ page to help address any questions you might have. If you would like to help shape the future of WU products please provide your feedback in this quick survey. 



Q: What will happen on February 28, 2017?
On February 28, 2017, we will remove all interactive functionality for WunderPhotos, which includes: uploading images, selecting favorites, editing, commenting and other engagement activities.

Q: Will I be able to upload any more photos to WU?
As of February 28, 2017, all upload functionality will be removed; however, you will still be able to view and search for previously uploaded photos and galleries.

Q: Can I download my images? Will the metadata download with the image?
Yes, you can download your images until June 30, 2017; however, we cannot offer metadata download functionality at this time. To download an image you uploaded, click the “Download” button on the image page.

Q: Will I still be able to see the images I have uploaded to WU?
Yes, all photos you have uploaded will be available to view and download until June 30, 2017.

Q: What will happen after June 30th?
After June 30th, previously uploaded images will no longer be visible on wunderground.com. That being said, we are currently exploring alternative options that may allow the galleries to remain available – we will be sure to keep you posted with any updates.

Q: Can I upload a photo profile for my blog or PWS?
All current photo upload functionality will be removed on February 28, 2017, so you will not be able to upload new images after that date.

Q: Can I still see my favorites?
Absolutely, you will be able to view your favorite photos until June 30, 2017.

Q: Are there other locations where I can share my WunderPhotos?
We encourage community members to upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WunderPhotos. These platforms are incredibly easy to navigate and offer easy ways for community members to discover and interact with one another and the broader photo-loving audience. We look forward to viewing and promoting your incredible photos across our various social media channels and extended communities.

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