How can I create my own WunderBlog?

UPDATE: We're changing our WunderBlogs. Learn more about this important update on our WunderBlog FAQ page.

To create a WunderBlog go to the blog index page. Click the button titled “New Blog” located in the upper, right-hand corner of all blog pages. You will need a Wunderground account in order to create a blog.

Fill in the fields on the next page to design your blog entry. You can create a title, add category tag(s) and use html to add text and/or imagery to your entry. Each individual blog entry has its own title, but the title of your blog itself defaults to your account name. You can choose a different blog title if you want. You can also decide whether or not you want to allow other members to comment on your blog entry.

Click “Preview This Entry” to see what your page will look like after you post it. When you’re finished editing your entry, click “Post This Entry”. Now your blog entry is published.

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