How do I add an image to my blog?

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Adding an Image to your Blog

If you want to add an image to your WunderBlog, you need to know the URL of the image. If you have an image of your own that you would like to add, you first have to upload it to some web site that allows you to post images. One way to do this with the Weather Underground is to upload your image as a wunderphoto. To find out the URL of the full image, click on the image with your right mouse button, then select "View image" (if using Firefox or Mozilla). This will bring up the image in its own window, and you can see the URL in the top navigation bar. With Internet Explorer, right click on the image, then select "Properties". This will show you the URL in a separate window. Highlight the URL with your mouse, right click again, select "Copy", then you can paste the URL where you want it.

Once you know the URL of your image, you can include it in your blog by putting the image source tag in front of the URL, then the tag ">" after the URL.

It is usually good to have an image no wider than about 800 pixels so that it will fit on the page of most browsers, embedded inside the frame.

If you want to resize an image, that is possible using the "width=" and "height=" tags. For example, to size an image down to 320x240 pixels, one would include the tag, "width=320 height=240>" instead of ">" after the image URL.
For an example of this, please visit our WunderWiki WunderBlogs page below.

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