How do I flag spam and offensive content?

There are 3 reasons to flag blog content:

  1. Obscenity

    Please do not confuse an "obscene" post and one with which you "do not agree" -- all opinions have value. Flagging something "obscene" indicates that the post is threatening or uses foul language.

  2. Spam

    There are two reasons to flag an entry or comment "Spam". Advertisements and solicitations are prohibited and should be marked. Also, blogs that are Featured are content-controlled, meaning that off-topic comments will be flagged as Spam.

  3. Copyright violations

    By using the "copyright" flag, you are suggesting that a blog entry's content be reviewed for possible copyright violation(s).

Note: If an entry is flagged, it will not automatically be deleted.

Weather Underground reserves the right to reinstate or permanently remove blog posts and comments at our discretion. If you mistakenly flag a post or comment, please do not contact us. We will correct the problem as a part of the moderation process.

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