How do I flag spam and offensive content?

UPDATE: We're changing our WunderBlogs. Learn more about this important update on our WunderBlog FAQ page.

Flagging System

Admin reviews the content which is flagged by the community. We also check for abuse and incorrectly flagged items. Items with a certain number of flags are automatically deleted. "Gang flagging" is not allowed. If Admin (per the Community Standards) agrees with the community’s flag, the item will stay deleted. Otherwise, or if the item was flagged erroneously or without a valid reason, the flag will be removed. Keep in mind that a huge volume of comments are flagged each day. We do the best we can to review them all in a timely manner. Admin and moderators are heavily focused on diplomacy and fairness when enforcing the Community Standards.

To flag an entry or comment, simply find its flag button in the top right corner of the content (a red box with a flag icon). Click the button only once. If an entry is flagged, it will not automatically be deleted. There are a few common reasons you should flag a blog entry or comment:

It is Obscene or a Personal Attack:

Please do not confuse "obscene" or "attack" with "I do not agree" or "I do not like this person". Flagging something indicates that it is in violation of the Community Standards.

It is Spam:

Advertisements and solicitations are prohibited and should be flagged if Admin has not already removed it. Also, blogs that are Featured are content-controlled, meaning that off-topic comments will be flagged as Spam.

It is in violation of Copyright:

By flagging something for a copyright, you are suggesting that its content be reviewed for Copyright violation.

You can find more information about site content, moderation and the flagging system on the Community Standards page.

Note: The WunderBlogs are a forum for our members to express their opinions and ideas. For the blogs at large, as well as special or featured blogs, our Terms of Service and general Community Standards apply. Weather Underground reserves the right to reinstate or permanently remove blog posts and comments at our discretion. If you mistakenly flag a post or comment, please do not contact us. We will correct the problem as a part of the moderation process.

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