What is a WunderBlog?

UPDATE: We're changing our WunderBlogs. Learn more about this important update on our WunderBlog FAQ page.

WunderBlogs are a place for individuals to share their interest in weather and the world outdoors with other visitors of Weather Underground. Any registered member can create a blog where they are able to post text and images.

To better understand what you can do with your blog, take a look at the blog index page which includes featured articles, meteorology blogs and community member blogs. If you find a blog you like you can add it to your list of favorites by clicking the "Add to Favorites" button (located in the upper, right-hand corner of all blog pages).

Note: The WunderBlogs are a forum for our members to express their opinions and ideas. For the blogs at large, as well as special or featured blogs, our Terms of Service' and general Community Standards apply.

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