How can I contact another member?

UPDATE: We’re saying goodbye to WunderPhotos. Learn more about this change on our WunderPhoto FAQ page.

UPDATE: We’re saying goodbye to WUMail and making some changes to WunderBlogs. Learn more about these important updates on our FAQ page.

Contacting Other Wunderground Members

We must protect the privacy of our members and as such, we cannot share their contact information with anyone. However, we do provide an on-site messaging system available to registered members. If you are not already signed up, please join Weather Underground (it's free or only $10 a year if you choose to sign up for a no ads account!) and you will be able to easily communicate with other members on our site.

Our messaging system is based on handle names - you will choose one when you sign up. There are several ways you can send a message to another user:

Messaging from Mail Box:

  • When logged in, click "Mail" in the upper right portion of any Weather Underground page.
  • In your Mail Box, click the "Compose" tab and enter the handle name of any member you would like to contact.
  • When you have received a new message, your "Mail" link will be changed to "New Mail! and red.

Messaging from WunderPhotos:

  • As you're browsing the WunderPhotos section of our site, click the thumbnail of any image you're interested in viewing. On the single image page, which shows the photo at its full size, scroll down to the "About handle name" box. Within this box, under "More Information", you will see a link to "Send Me a Message". If you would like to communicate with a photographer about a particular image, you can click this link and it will open up a new message.
  • This is especially handy, because the image will be already addressed to the user and attaches the photo you were viewing. You can also change the handle name to share the attached image with a friend who has a Weather Underground account.

Messaging from WunderBlogs:

  • Messaging from WunderBlogs is very similar to WunderPhotos. When you are viewing any member's blog, look for a link on the right side of the page that reads "Contact this Author".

How to contact a PWS Owner:

  • You must also be a member in order to contact a PWS Owner. Once you have joined and are logged in, just scroll down the forecast page until you come to Personal Weather Stations. Then click on the station you are interested in. This will take you to the station's page where you should see "Write a message to KXXXXXX" in the right column, under "About this Station".

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