How do I join Weather Underground?

Join the Weather Underground membership

We currently offer a free membership and a paid ad-free membership with enhanced features.

Paid Members are entitled to one year of ad-free viewing of our site, unlimited access to our animated loops, and a permanent favorites list. We will expand member benefits as new features are developed in the future. The cost is $10 a year.

If you are interested in joining, you may do so at the following link:

Alternatively, to participate in WunderPhotos, WunderBlogs and use other free features with advertisements, uncheck the "Yes, upgrade me for only $10 per year" box if you do not want a paid membership account.

Upgrading to a paid account

To upgrade your membership, sign-in to your account using your e-mail address and password. You can "Upgrade" your account at the following link and click "Upgrade to Premium".

Once you have made your payment, please return to our home page. If it does not appear that your account has updated to paid member status with no advertisements, please hit the "Sign Out" link in the upper right corner of all our pages and then "Sign In" again to refresh your web browser's cookie.

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