How can I change my username

The username you choose will identify you to other members of our website. It is used when you upload photos, blog, and send messages. Please choose a name you like, as it cannot be changed.

Examples: WunderBob, Shutterbug, Love2Blog, JoeInTahoe

Can I change my username?

Once created, a username can’t be changed. But if you’d like, you can delete your account which would let you re-register with the same email address, but with a new handle. Please keep in mind that you will lose all photos and will have to re-register any weather stations, webcams.

You can delete an account by signing into, clicking the member icon on the top-right (next to the gear icon), then clicking "Member Settings".

There's a "Delete Account" option in the "Your Membership" box on the top-right of the resulting page. 

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