What are VIP and Approvers' Choice galleries?

UPDATE: We’re saying goodbye to WunderPhotos. Learn more about this change on our WunderPhoto FAQ page.

VIP and Approvers' Choice

Weather Underground enjoys spotlighting interesting or important images that are uploaded to our website. Here are two special designations that may be assigned to eligible photos:

Approvers' Choice (AC)

Photos judged by our staff and volunteers to be unique, inspiring or just really cool may be nominated for this distinction. If a consensus is reached by Weather Underground staff and volunteer moderators, the photo is awarded Approver's Choice.

Very Important Picture (VIP)

VIP photos show important weather news from the past month, including tornadoes, storm damage, blizzards, floods, etc.

Note: Manipulated images are not eligible for consideration as an Approvers' Choice or VIP image.

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