Why is my image format unsupported?

UPDATE: We’re saying goodbye to WunderPhotos. Learn more about this change on our WunderPhoto FAQ page.

WunderPhotos accepts JPEG and GIF image formats

If you are experiencing difficulty in uploading your images, it is a good idea to find members on our website who use the same camera as you do. Since they are shooting with the same equipment, they may have experienced the same problems - or at the very least, can tell you the process they use to edit and upload their images successfully.

To search for images taken with your camera:

  1. Click the WunderPhotos tab. On the WunderPhotos page, click the Advanced Search button to the right of the search engine.
  2. Scroll down the page until you find the search criteria. In the text box next to Camera Type, fill in the make and model of your camera.
  3. Click Submit. The resulting images will all be photos that were taken with cameras that are the same make and model as yours.

To contact a member who uses the same camera:

  • Click one of the thumbnails of the photos that came up in your Advanced Search results.
  • On the single image page, scroll down to the user's bio information. Look for the mailbox icon and click the link that says "Write a message to ". This will automatically open up a message addressed to this user.
  • You can simply copy and paste the user's name and contact them using the web messaging feature.

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