Where can I find weather history data?

You can find historical weather data for most locations using our History and Almanac feature. Open the city weather page for your location, scroll down the page and look for a section called "History & Almanac" in the "Nearby" section. Adjust the date and click "View" to open the history page. You can also use the "Local Weather" drop down feature and then select the "History Data" link.

Personal Weather Station history is also available by either clicking on the station name in the current conditions box or by clicking on the specific station using the "Weather Stations" list at the bottom of the local forecast page.

The history page displays daily record, high, low and average summary information in addition to all of the observations for a particular date range. Use the toolbar links at the top of the page to browse for data by date, airport code and range (e.g., month). Scroll down the page to view specific observation data or the weather summary by day. Download the data using the "comma delimited" file link below the table of observations.

The default view for the History page is daily - however, you can also view our historical data by week, month, and custom time spans. For example, if you click "Custom", you can choose two dates from the drop-down boxes that appear on the Custom page, and view data for the desired length of time.

The History page gives a summary as well as graphs, but if you scroll down the page you will find a more detailed chart of weather data. Viewing by day gives the most specific information, by hour. Viewing by week, month, or a custom time span will show the data by day.

TIP: If you are working with this data for a school or scientific project, find the "Comma Delimited File" link below the graphs on any History page. Right click on this link and save it with a .csv extension - this will allow you to import it into Microsoft Excel or a similar program.

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