How do I find the forecast for my location?

At the top of any page on, you will find a search box that you can use to look up local weather. You may enter any of the following:

Zip code (94107)
City (San Francisco)
State (California)
City, State (San Francisco, CA; San Francisco, California)
Airport Code (SFO; OAK; SJO)
Country (New Zealand)
City, Country (Nelson, New Zealand)

If you have trouble finding a location using abbreviations, particularly for locations outside of the U.S., please try spelling out the country name. For example, rather than Nelson, NZ, you should enter Nelson, New Zealand. You can also try entering only the country name, such as Switzerland, which will bring up a list of the cities we have weather information for in that location.

We use the data of the station closest to the center of a city or zip code as the default station for any given location. The default for a city is determined solely by distance without taking geographical factors into account.

You can customize which station's data is used on your local forecast page by clicking on the "Station Select" button and then choosing your desired station.

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