Can I add a Weather Sticker to my Desktop?

How to add a Weather Sticker to your Desktop (Windows only)

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box at the top of the page, type in the zip code or city you would like to create a Sticker for, and click "Search".
  3. On the local weather page for that location, look for and click on the "Make this location a Weather Sticker" link in the upper right portion of the page.
  4. For NEW stickers, you can decide which station's data to use and which unit of measurement. CLASSIC stickers will always display data from whichever station is currently being used as the default for that location. Classic stickers will use the Unit of Measurement that you have selected for viewing the site.
  5. Instead of copying all of the code, copy only the URL for the image file. This can be found in the image source tag which starts with < img src="http... Copy the text within the tag starting with "http" and, for Classic stickers, ending with the "gif" or, for New stickers, ending with "ForcedState=".
  6. For Windows XP: Right click on your desktop and click "Properties". Go to the Desktop tab, then click the "Customize Desktop..." button. Choose the Web tab, then click on the "New..." button. Paste (Ctrl+V) the URL for the Weather Sticker into the Location box, then click OK. Back in the Desktop Items window, the URL for your Weather Sticker should show with a checked box next to it. Click Apply then OK, and it should appear on your Desktop.
  7. To refresh the image at any time, you can right click on it and choose "Refresh". You may need to change some settings for this Desktop item if you find that it does not update automatically. These settings can be found by clicking on the "Properties..." button in the Desktop Items window.

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