Where did the Weather Sticker go?

Weather Stickers can disappear for a couple of different reasons.

No Data:

Our stickers display the data found in our current conditions section. If we do not have any "conditions" data for a location, the link to our sticker page will be removed from our site, and any existing stickers will begin to display an error message.

When the data begins to display on our site again, the links will return, and the data will again be fed to existing stickers. These outages are normally caused by equipment or communication failure and tend to last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Blocking Software:

The most common cause of disappearing weather stickers is ad blocker software. This type of software looks for commonly occurring images from all types of sites, assumes that they are advertisements, and blocks them. To get weather stickers back, remove the ad-blocking software.

Norton Internet Security also blocks banners. To fix, open Norton Internet Security, click Ad Blocking Configure, Advanced, and Add Site. Enter banners.wunderground.com, then click OK, and then Add Select Permit. Enter /banner/ and click OK.

Other Causes:

If you installed Kazaa Lite or something similar, it may have installed a hosts file with invalid entries for 'banners.wunderground.com' and 'as5000.com' and 'ads.wunderground.com'. Go to the start menu, and do a search for 'hosts'. Look in the file, if there are a lot of entries, you will probably find banners.wunderground.com and as5000.com. Remove all of these entries from the file, save it, and reboot.

If you're using Windows XP Home, you can find the 'hosts' file in: C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\DRIVERS\\ETC .

If you don't have any ad-blocking software installed, or removing it does not fix your problem, then it might have just been a transient problem with the weather sticker servers. Please check to see if they are back, and if the problem continues, be sure to let us know!

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