Where is the wind chill data for my location?

Windchill is only displayed when the temperature and wind speed reach certain levels that make windchill a factor. If the temperature is 40F or colder, and the wind speed is 5mph or greater and you are not seeing windchill data for your location, it is possible that your current conditions are coming from a Personal Weather Station that does not include windchill data. If this is the case, you can change the default station in the "current conditions" box on the local weather page, by clicking on the "Station Select" button and then choosing your desired station. If you would prefer to use "Airport" stations only, you can turn off the PWS conditions on the Page Preference tab on the "Member Settings" page.

The new site displays the "Feels Like" temperature just below the actual temperature and also in the "Current Data" tab below the current conditions.

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