Where can I find historical snowfall data?

The history records an hourly rate of falling water or "precipitation" in any form and does not differentiate between different forms such as "hail" from "snow". Official (NWS) stations will display "events" and they use that field to denote "snow" as the form of precipitation; however, personal weather stations rarely record this information. Only specially equipped stations, usually in ski areas, will record measures of snow depth and similar information.

A basic conversion of precipitation to snow can be used to obtain an approximate snow reading. If snow precipitation is listed as e.g. 0.05 inches, this is water equivalent. Multiply by about 12 to get snow in inches. In the above example, 0.05 x 12 = 0.6 inches of snow. Dry, fluffy snow has much less water in it, and one should use a conversion factor of about 20 instead.

U.S. Snowfall data can be found at these sites:


Western U.S. mountains:


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