What is iCal and how can I use it?

iCal allows you to create your own custom calendar on your Mac. Weather Underground offers an iCal Download option so you can get current forecast information on your calendar too. Other calendars, such as Google Calendar, allow you to use this data from our site as well.

You can set iCal to populate your calendar by clicking on the arrow icon next to the Facebook and Twitter icons at the top of our local forecast pages.

To set up the iCal feed to automatically populate the calendar with forecast data from our site, right-click on the iCal option and copy the link. Then paste this link into the "Subscribe" mechanism of the calendar. Choose the update frequency from the ‰ÛÏAuto-refresh‰Û pop-up menu.

To populate other calendars, follow the calendar directions for adding any iCal feed.

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