Why isn't the WunderMap displaying all of the layers selected?

There are a few different reasons that you may not be able to see the layers you have selected. If you are looking at a location outside the US, certain layers will not work because they are not available outside the US yet. There should be a note below the layer's options if this is the case.

Also, at a minimum, your web browser must be configured to support JavaScript (also known as "active scripting"), Cookies, animated images (or "animations"), and Flash(Macromedia/Adobe plug-in, version 9).

If images and/or animations are broken, missing and/or blurry (low quality), or the site is taking a long time to load the cause is likely due to "ad blocker" or other Internet "security" or "firewall" software, including (and not limited to) Norton, AdAware, ZoneAlarm, McAfee and your browser's ad blocker.

Rapid fire and advanced radar features are often broken by the software programs listed (above). They will also break if your web browser is NOT configured to run JavaScript code or use "active" scripting.

Poor image quality and missing frames of animation are often caused by "acceleration" software. Many Internet service providers use this software, including NetZero, Earthlink, PeoplePC and others. While the software attempts to speed-up connections, it does so by degrading the quality of our website's content. Try turning acceleration OFF, then test our website. (Our pages will likely load slower; however, the content will appear at full quality.)

We highly recommend using the process of elimination to determine if software on your computer is blocking or altering the content our website sends to your web browser. Try turning the other software programs off one-by-one, then test our website's features. When you find our features working, then you have identified the program or configuration setting that causes the problem.

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