How do I set up the email service or add a city?

To add a city to our email service, please:
1. Use the search bar to get to the local weather page for the city of interest.
2. Once on that page, look for and click on the pull-down menu bar(upside down triangle) right below the clock in the upper right hand corner of our pages.
3. This will bring up a menu which includes the option to "Email this Location". Selecting that option will add that city to your email service.
4. Once you have the city in your email service list, you can hit the "Settings" link next to it to customize the service.

You can also add a city directly from the "My Email & Text Alerts" page. To do so:
1. Hover over your handle in the upper right portion of our site and select "My Email & Text Alerts" from the drop-down menu.
2. In the right column of the next page under "Add City", enter a zip code or city and state for the location you are interested in receiving alerts, and hit "Add".
3. The city will display right below the "Add City" search. Click on the "+ Save" and the city will be added to your email service.
4. You can customize your email service by clicking on the "Settings" link next to the city name.

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