Why is the forecast from Wunderground different from other forecast sources?

In February 2012, Weather Underground launched its proprietary system, called BestForecast. This system is tailor-made to where you are. It is a brand new forecasting technique, and was developed to be not only different but better than other forecast sources. Sometimes there are problems with individual weather stations, which could be giving us bad data; however, on average, BestForecast outperforms other forecasts. You can read more about BestForecast here: http://www.wunderground.com/blog/WunderLainey/show.html?entrynum=3.

Since BestForecast is tailor-made to your location, by clicking on the "Station Select" button, you will be able to see different forecasts depending on the station you choose. You can see the performance of each station's forecast versus our other forecast source, NWS, at the bottom of the 10 day forecast section on your city page. You get to decide which station's forecast works best for you. The nearby airports will be shown in the "Station Select" section as well. Due to quality control, some stations may not have a forecast.

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