WU says goodbye to Webcams

Update Dec. 7, 2017:

We heard from many, many of you about how much you like and rely on our webcam product. So we will not discontinue the product as we stated in November. We will continue to allow users to add webcams to the Weather Underground network and everyone can view images from connected webcams.

Thank you for your passionate support and apologies for any inconvenience we caused.

Original Entry:

At Weather Underground, our mission has always been to provide “weather for all” – for anyone, any location, across any medium, and through any lens. We know it’s an incredible experience to witness colorful sunrises and sunsets, various cloud formations, and other awe-inspiring weather events, which is why we’ve always encouraged you to capture them with your cameras, phones, and webcams.

After 10 years of proudly displaying your webcam footage across our website and apps, we sadly have to remove this functionality as we no longer have the necessary resources to maintain it. On December 15, 2017, we’ll remove the webcam feeds from our website, mobile apps, and within our API – meaning uploading and accessing webcam footage will no longer be available.

This wasn’t an easy decision for us and while we can no longer host your webcam feeds on our servers, we hope you’ll continue to keep your webcams running and an eye on the sky.

We’ve created this FAQ page to help address any questions you might have.


Q: What will happen to my webcam footage between November 15th and December 15th?

Beginning on November 15th, the option to add new webcams to our system will be removed. All existing webcam feeds will remain visible; however, new feeds will not be accepted or displayed.

Q: Can I download my existing webcam footage?

Unfortunately, we do not have download functionality for webcam footage.

Q: What will happen on December 15th?

All webcam features will be removed on December 15, 2017, so you will not be able to connect or share webcam footage across any of our properties after that date.

Q: Will I still be able to see the webcam footage I have uploaded to WU after December 15th?

Unfortunately, no. All webcam footage and feeds will be removed from our website, apps, and API on December 15th.

Q: Are there other places I can share my webcam feed?

While there are other webcam communities that exist, we are not aware of any other services willing to host webcam footage free of charge. We recommend contacting your webcam manufacturer to see if they can provide information regarding alternative hosting solutions and community platforms.

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