Dr. Ricky Rood's Blog Content Rules

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Due to the high amount of traffic that 
Dr. Ricky Rood's Climate Change Blog receives, a special community standard has been established for the blog. The following list comprises the "Rules of the Road" for Dr. Rood’s blog.

  1. Please do not carry on personal disputes.
  2. Keep it civil. Personal attacks, bickering, flaming, and general trollish behavior will not be tolerated. Disagreements are fine, but keep them civil.
  3. Threats, intimidation, especially that which extends into the real world will be dealt with by extreme action.
  4. Foul language is not allowed.
  5. Stay on the topic of climate change or the entry topic. Political comments are allowed, as long as they're in reference to science, science policy, or the blog topic.
  6. Posting comments which contain links to external sites is allowed, but please keep the number of links to a maximum of 10-12. Links should also be relevant to the blog topic and/or discussion topic at hand.
  7. Please avoid topics that would be considered adults only. Many children come to this site looking for information.
  8. Do not quote content which violates the Rules of the Road.
  9. Do not circumvent a ban. Most bans last 24 hours or less, please accept the ban. If you create a new username to circumvent a ban, you will be blocked from the site completely.
  10. No monomania, hate speech or spam.


Do not enter games of oneupmanship with trolls or bloggers you find to be annoying. You will be banned along side them, as your verbal jousts consume the space and time everyone else is sharing. If you come across a troll or another blogger whom you find to be irritating, please use the site reporting tools and your ignore list

Note: The WunderBlogs are a forum for our members to express their opinions and ideas. For the blogs at large, as well as special or featured blogs, our Terms of Service and general Community Standards apply.

If you have any questions about these rules please send an email to help@wunderground.com.

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