Click on the selected location at the top of the screen to change your location. Select one from the list or type a new one into the search field. Once you select a location from the search results, you will be presented a map with a dot placed on it. This is the center of the location you searched for. You can move this dot, using a tap hold and drag, to a specific address. This will provide more accurate forecasts and alerting. You can also provide a nickname for your location.

You can also tap on the "Find me" button found in the top right of the location bar. When tapped, the application will find your current GPS location and set it as your location. If you don't choose another location after this action, your app will always launch and find your GPS location.

When viewing the map, you can also tap and hold on any location to make that location your selected location.

To delete a location, tap on the selected location at the top of the page. When you are presented the locations page, tap edit, then tap the red icon next to the location you would like to delete.

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