Why are the ads back? (V5.0)

Sorry about that.  Due to the new code base, we had to log you off for the update.  Just go to side menu in the app -> Remove Ads and login with your WU ID to remove ads.

What if I don't have a WU ID?
Google Play should have remembered your subscription. If not, we can help you fix it by:
  1. Take a screenshot of your Google Play screen with the expiration date (see sample image below)
  2. Register for a new WU ID in the app by side menu -> Community -> Sign in -> Get Started
  3. Email help@wunderground.com subject: Android subscription issue. Please attach your Google Play screenshot and the email you used to register for WU ID
We'll get it fixed for you.  The benefit of this WU ID is that you can carry your subscription with you, even if you update to new devices or switch to iOS.

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