PWS Rapid Fire Setup

PWS - Rapid Fire Setup

  • For Weather Display:
    1. Get the newest version of Weather Display.
    2. In Weather Display, go to the "Control Panel" menu option.
    3. Click "Weather Underground".
    4. Flip the "Real Time" switch to "on" and select a time between updates (3-10 seconds is optimal).
  • For Virtual Weather Station:
    1. To upload your weather station data to the Weather Underground, select Wunderground | Sign-up and Settings from the Virtual Weather Station menubar.
    2. Select the Sign-up Your Station link, which will launch the Weather Underground website. Enter your account information on the Weather Underground website. You will be assigned a Station ID and station key/ password. 
      The password for your weather station is no longer the same as the password for your account. It is now a separate key that is generated specifically for each Weather Underground station ID.  You can find the station key/password associated with each weather station in your list of weather stations here: 
    3. Select the Update Wunderground checkbox. If you would like to upload historical data (when your computer or internet connection is off), select the Upload Archived Data checkbox. If you would like to send real-time data every few seconds, select the Rapid Fire checkbox and specify an update rate in seconds.
    4. Enter the same Station ID and Password in Virtual Weather Station.
    5. Select the Update Now button to initiate the update to Weather Underground.
    6. Do view your raw weather station data, select View Your Observations, which will launch the Weather Underground website.

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