PWS software: WeatherLink

Background - this page is devoted to helping folks send weather observations from their Davis WeatherLink connected stations. Before you get started here, make sure:

  1. WeatherLink is functioning properly (weather observations from your station appear in WeatherLink).
  2. You have signed up for a free Weather Underground Personal Weather Station account:
  3. You have added your station to your Weather Underground account. The sign-up page above will allow you to add a station. If you have an account, but need to add a station: At the end of the sign-up process, you will be taken to the "My Stations" page where your Weather Underground station ID and station key/ password will be presented. It will look something like 'KCASANFR14' and '3d1d2e8d'. 

Getting WeatherLink to send station observations to Weather Underground
Requirements: you must have WeatherLink 5.5.1 or higher for Windows

WeatherLink by itself does not send weather observations to Weather Underground. There is an "Expansion Module" written by Weather Underground that adds the Weather Underground upload feature to WeatherLink.To install this module:

  1. Download here and save this file in a place you can retrieve it later.
  2. View the ReadMe file: Installation Instructions

If you own a Weather Monitor II station, you should use the older WeatherLink Weather Underground module written by Davis Instruments:

  1. Download and run WeatherLink.
  2. More info: Installation Instructions

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