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Knowledge Base

  1. API/XML Feeds 

    1. Where is my API key?
    2. How do I pick Plan or Level?
    3. What does it mean when I have exceeded my usage?
    4. What does the API cost?
    5. What is the raindrop referral program?
  2. Apps - Android 

    1. Android Permissions (V5.0.5)
    2. How to not use GPS location services (v5.0)
    3. Widget is stuck on Migrating (v5.0)
    4. Why are the ads back? (V5.0)
    5. Where is "Today is forecast to be..."? (v5.0)
  3. Apps - Apple iOS  

    1. Which app should I use?
    2. Today Widget is showing "unable to load"
    3. Restoring your mobile ad-free subscription
    4. How do I delete location/station from my list?
  4. Apps/iOS Storm Help 

    1. Locations
    2. Data Source for Current Conditions
    3. Alerting/Push Notifications
    4. Follow Me and Location Services
    5. Widget
  5. Apps/iOS Storm FAQ 

    1. What's New in Storm 1.9
    2. How do I animate the radar?
    3. Why do I still have Ads?
    4. How do I share an ad removal subscription with another device?
    5. How do I remove ads or login with my Weather Underground ID?
  6. Apps/Windows Storm FAQ 

    1. How do I view my GPS location on Storm?
    2. Where do I find sunrise/sunset information in Storm?
    3. I think the Current Conditions are inaccurate, anything I can do?
    4. What are the different front types?
    5. What does the color of each Storm Track mean?
  7. Education 

    1. How can I become a weather spotter or meteorologist?
    2. How is wind direction referenced?
    3. Where can I learn more about weather?
    4. Would you like more educational information that you haven't found here?
  8. Favorites & Preference Features 

    1. How can I change the temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
    2. How can I change my 'Home Location'?
    3. How do I add a city to my Favorites?
    4. How can I make my Favorites permanent?
    5. How do I delete a city from my Favorites list?
  9. General 

    1. How do I stop posting weather alerts on Facebook?
    2. What is Rapid Fire?
    3. What is the advertisement policy?
    4. How can I find the Classic site?
    5. Where does Weather Underground get conditions and forecast data from?
  10. History & Almanac 

    1. Where can I find historical weather records?
    2. Can I get a certified record of historical weather data?
    3. Where can I find historical snowfall data?
    4. What does T stand for on the rain / precipitation records?
  11. Local weather 

    1. How can I manage my 'Recent Cities' list?
    2. How do I find the forecast for my location?
    3. How do I read the temperature/dewpoint graph in the Hourly Forecast?
    4. How do you calculate your sun/moon data?
    5. What do the various weather icons stand for?
  12. Membership 

    1. Are you a member and having trouble with the radar feature?
    2. Can I use my Wunderground account from another computer?
    3. How do I renew my ad-free paid membership?
    4. How do I change my email address or password on file?
    5. How do I join Weather Underground?
  13. Personal Weather Stations 

    1. Status message not updating
    2. How do I setup my weather station and share my data with Weather Underground?
    3. Why is my station not on the map, nearby station list or app?
    4. Are personal weather stations on Weather Underground monitored for quality?
    5. How can I remove bad data on my station history?
  14. Radar 

    1. What do the radar colors mean?
    2. Do you have archived radar data?
    3. How can I contact a radar station?
    4. How do I fix the radar display?
    5. How does the pan feature on the NEXRAD radar work?
  15. Renewal 

    1. How do I renew my paid membership?
    2. I've renewed my membership. Why do I still see ads and an old expiration date?
  16. Severe Weather 

    1. Are severe weather zones displayed in radar?
    2. How can I get more information about Hurricanes?
    3. What is severe weather?
    4. When is hurricane season?
    5. When is hurricane season?
  17. Webcams 

    1. WU says goodbye to Webcams
  18. WunderMap 

    1. Why isn't WunderMap displaying properly?
    2. What happened to WunderMap? Why is it different?
    3. Why does the satellite imagery seem to be split down the center?
  19. All articles 

    1. Are you a member and having trouble with the radar feature?
    2. How do I renew my paid membership?
    3. How can I become a weather spotter or meteorologist?
    4. Where can I find historical weather records?
    5. Are severe weather zones displayed in radar?
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