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Thanks for providing feedback about Weather Underground. We regularly check these forums for ideas and read everything that is posted. But, due to the high volume of feedback we receive, we won't be able to reply to everyone. — WU Product Team

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  1. API/XML Feeds 

    1. How do I get a free student key?
    2. How do I pick Plan or Level?
    3. What does it mean when I have exceeded my usage?
    4. What does the API cost?
    5. What is the raindrop referral program?
  2. Apps 

    1. Does Weather Underground have any Apps?
  3. Blogs 

    1. How can I add a photo to my blog profile?
    2. How can I create my own WunderBlog?
    3. How do I add a link to a URL in my blog?
    4. How do I add an image to my blog?
    5. How do I flag spam and offensive content?
  4. Classic 

    1. How can I find the Classic site?
    2. Why can't I see my Favorites in the side column?
    3. Why is the forecast on the Classic site different from the forecast on the regular Wunderground site?
  5. Community Features 

    1. What is a WunderBlog?
    2. Where do all of the photos I see on this site come from?

    1. Does Weather Underground offer any downloadable products?
  7. E-mail/Text Alerts 

    1. How can I reduce or stop the amount of email I am receiving?
    2. How do I add/change or remove an email address or phone from the Email & Text Alert service?
    3. How do I set up the email service or add a city?
    4. What is a forecast period?
    5. What is a nowcast?
  8. Education 

    1. How can I become a weather spotter or meteorologist?
    2. How is wind direction referenced?
    3. Where can I learn more about weather?
    4. Would you like more educational information that you haven't found here?
  9. Favorites & Preference Features 

    1. How can I change the temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
    2. Can I view another language?
    3. How can I change my 'Home Location'?
    4. How can I make my Favorites permanent?
    5. How do I add a city to my Favorites?
  10. General 

    1. How do I add a Fast Forecast search to my website?
    2. How do I stop posting weather alerts on Facebook?
    3. What is Rapid Fire?
    4. What is the advertisement policy?
  11. History & almanac 

    1. Can I get a certified record of historical weather data?
    2. How come when I add up the rain figures in the tabular data they do not equal the figure for total precipitation?
    3. Where can I find historical snowfall data?
    4. Where can I find historical sun/moon information?
    5. Where can I find weather history data?
  12. iCal/RSS 

    1. What is iCal and how can I use it?
  13. Known Bugs 

    1. Why do I see the wrong timezone on the WunderMap?
  14. Language translation 

    1. Are we missing your language?
    2. How do I fix a problem in a language translation?
    3. Why am I seeing the wrong language when I visit your site?
  15. Local weather 

    1. How can I manage my 'Recent Cities' list?
    2. How do I find the forecast for my location?
    3. How do I read the temperature/dewpoint graph in the Hourly Forecast?
    4. How do you calculate your sun/moon data?
    5. What do the various weather icons stand for?
  16. Maps & Radar 

    1. Where can I find the Jet Stream map and other Current Conditions maps?
  17. Marine 

    1. Can I get Marine updates sent to my cell phone?
    2. Do you have historical marine data?
    3. Where can I find marine weather maps?
    4. Where can I find Sea Surface Temperature?
    5. Where can I find tide data?
  18. Membership 

    1. Are you a member and having trouble with the radar feature?
    2. Can I use my Wunderground account from another computer?
    3. How can I contact another member?
    4. How do I change my email address or password on file?
    5. How do I join Weather Underground?
  19. Mobile 

    1. Do you have a site that will work with my mobile device?
    2. I'm not receiving my iPhone / iOS notifications!
    3. How can I remove alert notifications on the iPhone / iOS App?
    4. How can I get Wunderground on my BlackBerry without entering the address everytime?
    5. How do I change or stop my text service?
  20. NOAA Weather Radio 

    1. Can I stream NOAA wx radio to Wunderground from a Mac?
    2. Can I upload more than one NOAA radio station to Weather Underground?
    3. How can I modify my NOAA weather radio profile?
    4. How can I tell if anyone is listening to my stream?
    5. How do I stream NOAA Radio to Weather Underground?
  21. Our Data 

    1. Where can I find Record Extremes?
    2. Where does Weather Underground get conditions and forecast data from?
  22. Personal weather stations 

    1. Are personal weather stations on Weather Underground monitored for quality?
    2. Can I get an email from WU when my PWS is down or having trouble?
    3. What is the password for my weather station?
    4. How do I add a picture of my station to the page with my station data?
    5. How do I set my favorite PWS as the default for my city?
  23. Photos 

    1. How can I contact a WunderPhotographer?
    2. How do I allow comments on my photos?
    3. How do I delete a photo?
    4. How do I rate photos?
    5. How do I upload my photos?
  24. Radar 

    1. Can I enter my lat/lon coordinates into the radar?
    2. Do you have archived radar data?
    3. How can I contact a radar station?
    4. How do I fix the radar display?
    5. How does the pan feature on the NEXRAD radar work?
  25. Renewal 

    1. How do I renew my paid membership?
    2. I've renewed my membership. Why do I still see ads and an old expiration date?
  26. Roku 

    1. How do I change the units of measurement using the Roku app?
    2. What is Roku?
  27. Severe weather 

    1. Are severe weather zones displayed in radar?
    2. How can I get more information about Hurricanes?
    3. What is severe weather?
    4. When is hurricane season?
    5. When is hurricane season?
  28. Ski & Snow 

    1. Where can I find snowfall data?
  29. Sports 

    1. Report a bad or missing stadium image.
  30. Travel and Activities 

    1. How do I print from the Road Trip Planner feature?
    2. What is Flight Tracking?
  31. Travel Planner 

    1. What is the travel planner?
  32. Weather Underground App 

    1. What makes the Weather Underground App different from other weather apps?
  33. Webcams 

    1. Can I add a second webcam to my personal weather station page?
    2. Can I contact a webcam owner?
    3. Do you save all of the images from my webcam?
    4. How do I share my webcam images with Weather Underground?
    5. Where did my favorite webcam go?
  34. Widgets/Gadgets 

    1. Do you have a gadget for iGoogle?
    2. How can I change the location on my Windows Gadget?
  35. Wunder Radio 

    1. Can I transfer WunderRadio to my new phone?
    2. Can I use one copy of WunderRadio for both by iPad and my iPhone?
    3. Do I need a subscription to Sirius radio in order to access it on WunderRadio?
    4. How can I clear the history on WunderRadio?
    5. How can I get WunderRadio on my computer?
  36. WunderMap 

    1. Can I add a marker for my location on the WunderMap?
    2. Why does the satellite imagery seem to be split down the center?
    3. Why isn't the WunderMap displaying all of the layers selected?
  37. All articles 

    1. What is a WunderBlog?
    2. Are you a member and having trouble with the radar feature?
    3. How do I renew my paid membership?
    4. How can I become a weather spotter or meteorologist?
    5. How can I contact a WunderPhotographer?
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