Storm Radar - FAQ

The Weather Channel and Weather Underground have collaborated to bring you our newest app: Storm Radar!

  1. Why did Storm Radar move to The Weather Channel? We wanted to create the most advanced radar app on the market. To achieve this, we combined the expertise and innovation of both The Weather Channel and Weather Underground product teams to create what we believe is the most sophisticated radar app available today (available on iOS and Android). The new Storm Radar app provides eight hours of past-to-future radar, advanced storm cell tracking, over 20 map layers, and much more.

  2. What will happen to my existing Storm ad-free subscription? The ad-free subscription is a yearly subscription, so your WU Storm app will still be ad-free for the remainder of the year you paid for (i.e. if your subscription ends on November 24th, you will still have ad-free from now until then, but after that, you will not be able to renew).  If you’re looking to continue your ad-free radar experience, stay tuned on the new Storm Radar app.  An ad-free version is coming in the near future!

  3. What does past-to-future radar mean? The new Storm Radar app offers two hours of past radar data and six hours of future radar data - all visualized in one timeline!

  4. Why should I download Storm Radar? Storm Radar allows users to visualize weather like never before with eight hours of seamless past-to-future radar, high-resolution global radar, and over 20+ map layer options.  

Do you have additional questions or would you like to provide feedback?  We’re here to help!  Email us at:

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