Can I add a Sticker to my outgoing email?

Some Email Services will allow you to add html to your outgoing email signature. If you would like to try adding it to yours, please follow these directions:

  1. Go to:
  2. type in your zip code (or get to a city forecast page)
  3. Click on "Make this location a Weather Sticker" link in the upper right portion of the page
  4. For NEW stickers, you can decide which station's data to use and which unit of measurement. CLASSIC stickers will always display data from whichever station is currently being used as the default for that location. Classic stickers will use the Unit of Measurement that you have selected for viewing the site.
  5. choose the banner you want and click on it.
  6. copy the lines of html carefully, uppercase and spacing is important.
  7. edit your 'signature' on your email, make sure to put the sticker between the html tags if they are there already. Otherwise add some html tags.

    WunderWiki Guide to Weather Stickers

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